What is Mica

Mica is the name given to group of related composition & similar Physical Properties, most notably perfect basal cleavage, which means they can be “Split” readily in one plane into a number of thins and tough plastic laminate.

It has electric & mechanical strength, heat and moisture resistance, elastically, chemical inertness and high temperature stability

Mica is found in nature with inclusion of Quartz, Feldspar and few other minerals. Pagmatites are the chief of
commercial muscovite mica. After mining, the raw mica is graded and cleared from large inclusions. It is then cleaved into thin sheets called mica splitting. Mica is used in various forms such as: Block mica, Mica washer, Mica scrap, Mica flake, Mica Powder, Condenser mica, Mica disc built up mica etc.