Window Mica

C. L. Roongta brings the most exclusive Window Mica, a product that is extensively used to avoid any accidents and unnecessary odors. Manufactured using superior and modern technology and equipments, Window Mica insures proper airflow and cleaner combustion. A variety of mica windows fits most brands of kerosene heaters and several brands of wood stoves and replacing broken mica windows can make apparently large burning problems just a minor and inexpensive repair.

window mica, Stove Mica

Owing to its thermal endurance, high transparency, and flatness Mica is used as viewing windows for
• kerosene stoves,
• wood stoves,
• petromax lamps,
• furnaces,
• fireplaces

“Isinglass” is thin transparent sheets of mica that are used for lanterns, peepholes in boilers, kerosene heaters, and stoves, because they are less likely to shatter than glass when exposed to tremendous temperature gradients. Such peepholes were invariably used in “isinglass curtains” in horse-drawn carriages and early 20th century cars. One should always remember that the windows are not always expensive material like various other materials. C. L. Roongta takes complete care and precision in bringing the best quality Window Mica for its clients so that no accidents happen in any work place and the lives of the workers are in safe hands.

Window Mica Plates

Muscovite, which is commonly known as white mica, is a member of the mica family of minerals. The mica minerals share the properties of ideal basal cleavage, which means that layers of mica can be peeled off into crystal and also in very thin sheets. It is especially easy to peel off large numbers of paper-thin sheets from a muscovite crystal.
The next important form of Mica is known as Phlogopite. This variety of mica is formed in nature at higher temperatures. It does not disintegrate like muscovite even when a gas burner is used and this is the sole reason that this material is used for high temperature furnaces and SAXS experiments.
C. L. Roongta presents the most widely used product Window Mica Plates. This product is used in a number of industries. The ultra flat, thin-film surfaces are manufactured using mica as a substrate. Such ultra flat substrates are widespread substrates for sample preparation for the:
• Atomic force microscopy,
• Imaging of bismuth films,
• Plasma glycoproteins, membrane bilayers,
• DNA molecules,
• And various other areas.

C. L. Roongta manufactures and exports superior quality Mica that is used to provide structure for heating wire as well as in heating elements because Mica can withstand up to 900 °C (1,650 °F).

Stove Window Mica

Do you remember using a stove at homes whenever the gas cylinder is finished? Try seeing an old stove and you will definitely find it has windows to the fire. Have you ever wondered what is this made of? The answer is absolutely right-these are made of Mica. As thin, opaque and sometimes yellowy, it becomes quite easy to use Mica for preparations of such windows. Mica is a silicate mineral and is mined from the earth that breaks off into sheets because of its chemical structure. The mica sheets are dense, resistant to heat and when used in stoves are about 1mm or less thick and this quality makes mica appropriate as a substitute for glass in stove windows.
Mica used in older stoves and the windowpanes tended to be very small and this is because mica sheets are comparatively small and delicate. Mica is available in various sized strips and Stove Window Mica is used as viewing windows for wood stoves. C. L. Roongta is the largest manufacturer and exporter of Stove Mica all over the world. Stove Mica windows replacements are available in a variety of sizes and thicknesses. These can also be custom-made as per the client’s specifications and designs.