Mica Washer

Mica Washer are widely used for electrical and electronic applications in different industries as thermal and Mica washer, mica insulating washer, mica washer manufacturer electrical insulation. It comes with circular punched and stamped natural mica parts with round openings in the center. This unique shape makes it a perfect fit for several industrial uses. Mica Washer is also available in varied lengths with shellac, epoxy or silicone binders.

However, the washers made using mica are punched, stamped and/or machined into vivid dimensions and thickness depending upon the customer’s specific requirement. It comes in the market with the capacity to withstand high temperature.

With the advantage of mica properties, mica insulating washer grabbed the quality like low thermal expansion, low thermal conductivity and withstand very high dialectic strength. It also has the better mechanical strength before and after machining.

We are Mica washer Manufacturer & Exporter, we manufacturer a range of mica washer in variety of shapes & sizes, including cylindrical, square and rectangular. we also manufacturer Bounded mica Washer  such as Epoxy, Silicone Bounded and shellac.