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Mica Mineral

Representing 37 phyllosilicate minerals, the mica group has a layered or platy texture. There are two most important micas known as Muscovite and Phlogopite that are excessively used in a variety of applications. Mica Mineral is basically in its crystalline and layers form that can be easily delaminated and split into thin sheets causing foliation in the rocks. There are several unique and physical properties of Mica where the Mica sheet are:

  • dielectric,
  • elastic,
  • chemically inert,
  • hydrophilic,
  • insulating,
  • platy,
  • lightweight,
  • refractive,
  • reflective,
  • resilient,
  • range in opacity from transparent to opaque

This highly popular mineral has its own unique values as it becomes stable when it is exposed to light, electricity, moisture, and extreme temperatures. It is one of the best insulators and can support an electrostatic field as dissipating minimal energy in the form of heat. While breaking into thin sheets it has power to retain its electrical properties and also has dielectric breakdown as well resistant to corona discharge.  Muscovite is principally used by the electrical industry, in capacitors that are ideal for radio frequency and high frequency. Phlogopite remains stable even at higher temperatures and mostly used in a combination of high heat stability and electrical properties.

Mica Sheet

Mica is the collection of silicate minerals along with having varying amounts of aluminum, iron, magnesium, potassium, and water. The superior qualities of this mineral make it suitable for its use in a number of areas like it is used in atomic force microscopy, electronics, electrical components and isinglass. The next quality of Mica Products , Mica Sheet, Mica Mineral, Mica Products India Mica is it is bi-refringent and hence, commonly used to make half and quarter wave plates. Apart from this, there are various other uses of this mineral such as marker dials for navigation compasses, stove and kerosene heater windows, oxygen-breathing equipment, optical filters, thermal regulators, pyrometers, micathermic heater elements, and radiation aperture covers for microwave ovens.

There are various specific applications of this Mica sheet that are extensively used in laser devices, aerospace components in ground-air-sea launched missile systems, radar systems and medical electronics. This mineral is also mechanically stable in micrometer thin sheets that are comparatively transparent to radiation while being impermeable to most gases. This makes the mineral be used as a window mainly on radiation detectors. One of the best examples is Geiger-M├╝ller tubes. The sheets of Mica are specifically used in the electrical and electronic industries because of its enduring properties of being the best insulator along with having unique mechanical properties. Such properties make the mineral to e punched, cut, stamped and machined to adaptable tolerances, Mica Products India.